MailScanner 郵件備份監控設定

如果擔心 Mail Server 過往的信件內容有問題.. Exp. 被當成垃圾信件發送站, 公司郵件的備份與監控..
是可以啟用 MailScanner 內的 Archive Mail 功能設定來達成這樣的目標.
只要定義好所有經過 Mail Server 的信件都轉到特定的 Mail Account
這樣去收這個 Mail Account 的信件就可以了.

  • 先定義規則, 將所有信件都轉到 [email protected] 這個特定的 Mail Account
vi /etc/MailScanner/archives.rule
FromOrTo: * yes forward [email protected]
  • 再啟用 MailScanner 的 Archive Mail 功能
vi /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
# Note: This setting still works even if "Scan Messages" is no.
#Archive Mail = /var/spool/MailScanner/archive
Archive Mail = /etc/MailScanner/archives.rule

# If a location specified in "Archive Mail" is not found, should it assume
# that the location is a file or a directory name?
# Before this option was added, it was always assumed to be a directory.
  • 重新啟動 MailScanner 就會生效
service MailScanner restart
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